Podcasts, a new form of entertainment, are here to stay

Millions of listeners worldwide, including in the UAE, are being entertained and educated by podcasts. According to media statistics, podcasts are the new radio among devoted listeners. Podcasts have their roots in a reputable radio broadcasting format that capitalized on the popularity of audio as a form of entertainment. Indeed, some would even claim that podcasts are “taking over” the airwaves.

How are podcasts evolving with Motivate Talent?

Podcasts are convenient for anywhere and anyone. Over time, people have incorporated listening to podcasts into their daily lives to the point where they frequently choose to do so while driving to work, cleaning around the house, exercising, the list goes on. We at Motivate Talent will have that same effect for our new and upcoming podcast series’.

In both audio and visual formats and streamed across multiple platforms, podcasts are a quick and convenient way to listen to or view different sorts of entertainment. While they may not be for everyone, there is something for everyone in podcasts. Whether you want to learn a new skill, listen to a novel or simply enjoy a song, podcasts can be used any time at no cost. Podcasts have revolutionized radio and are likely to pave the way for future video streaming.

Motivate Talent now has the ability to produce several shows and fast-paced content across a variety of various platforms, including live editing and streaming as and when required. Motivate Talent launched our own fully functional podcast studio, The Live Room, in Dubai’s Motor City.

Watch this space as the Web 3 News Show powered by GB Tech, a new daily live news show with Gulf Business, Tasteful by Emirates Man, a premium food show, and our Hype Music podcast, which focuses on the electronic music scene, festivals, and concerts in the region, as well as the very best original and live performing artists from our Talent roster, will all debut in the winter of 2022.