4 Reasons To Livestream Your Next Event

On the majority of social networking sites, you can start sharing a live broadcast by the click of a button. The rise of live streaming has led to a number of other platforms created specifically to cater to live content. 

But why has live video become such a popular format? It’s been proven as one of the most effective methods to connect and engage with your audience. Here are four reasons to livestream your next event:


Live streaming fosters relationships with viewers since it enables for real-time connection. The opportunity for viewers to interact, comment and like live content allows the streamer to proactively adapt the content tailored to the audience’s desires.The same humanized connection simply cannot be produced with edited video content.

A live stream has a human factor because it is truly live. At any point, anything can go wrong. Viewers recognize the authenticity and connect to speakers when they slip up, stutter, or laugh. A stark contrast to edited content, which can become stiff and emotionless. 


Platforms prefer live content, which is one of the reasons why live streaming can allow you to reach more people. On Facebook and TikTok, for instance, going live increases the likelihood that your followers will see it, as the apps send notifications to users to announce someone goes live. YouTube will emphasize live video in its search results too

It’s easy to encourage users to discover and share your livestreams on social media. With more exposure, you can generate leads for your business and increase brand awareness for your event.


As an industry, streaming is rapidly growing. The market for streaming video is worth around $30 billion. More notably, live streaming is significantly outperforming video on demand


In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Live streaming has allowed events, brands and businesses to use modern technology to adapt to the demands of today. With social media being such an integral part of the world, sharing stories and allowing people to connect globally is of utmost importance. A successful livestream allows viewers world-wide to participate by watching, essentially increasing your event capacity and potential engagement with your event’s content.

Try asking yourself “why NOT live streaming?” rather than “why live streaming?”


When you’re ready to livestream your next event, enquire with Motivate Talent. We have full livestream production capabilities, videographers and live editors to fulfill any of your streaming needs. From August 2022, we’ll also have a state-of-the-art streaming & podcast studio (The Live Room) available for both daily and hourly rent with real time editing capabilities.