Creating a Professional Voice Reel: Tips and Advice from Motivate Talent

Voice over is a growing industry and it’s becoming a lot more accessible for many artists. One day, you could have a last-minute session from your home studio, and the next, you’ll be doing an in-person recording for a brand or even an audiobook.

However in order to start exploring the world of voice over, casting directors need to listen to an example of your voice. This is best done through a voice reel or multiple voice reels. Voice reels can be a crucial factor in getting seen and booked for jobs.

How To Create Your First Voice Reel:

You won’t need a massive set of reels to start working in the voice over industry. You can always add to your set as you progress through your career and gain more experience, skill and confidence. The leading voice reel you need when starting out is a commercial reel. It’s also advised to get a narration clip, as this shows how you handle longer-form text and even storytelling.

What we recommend is to start with a three- to five-clip commercial reel with a well-produced, snappy set of scripts that reflect your range and your personality. For example think of an advert you would find on the radio- you could record this.

You could also get a clip of you narrating an audiobook segment for roughly one minute, including some character voices to show your accent skills, mic technique and character range. Finally, record a corporate clip to show you can handle long-form, complex text with clarity, confidence and skill. This will give you a set of three voice reels to start you off.

Be sure to include a variety of clips, you don’t want the reel to sound the same the whole way through. But make sure you sound like you! Don’t try to sound like someone you are not. You are your own USP.

What is your sound? 

Think about who your voice would appeal to. Is it a corporate sounding voice that would suit well to business campaigns? Is it a younger sounding voice that would appeal to children’s adverts and tv?

Need some help in finding out what your voice sounds like?

Have a listen out for voices that sound a bit like yours and see what ad campaigns they are voicing for. Listen to adverts on youtube or television and see which one sounds like yours and what are they voicing for.

Need some voice over training?

It’s important and beneficial to get some training before you do your voice reels. Motivate Talent can help you with your voice over reels. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] for guidance.