Growing Your Talent Profile in Dubai

With over 200 nationalities, Dubai attracts bright talent from around the world with its quality of life, infrastructure and income tax-free environment.

The culture of Dubai, along with its geography, economy, climate, lifestyle and government make it an amazing place to develop your personal brand as a talent.

Dubai’s geographic positioning and climate means that it is a hub for diversity, a place for non-western and western people to live cohesively, which induces a global perspective that you cannot get in many major cities. The reality is that if you are perceived well and your profile grows in the ecosystem of Dubai, it’s likely that when amplified to a global view, you will continue to be successful as you grow worldwide.

The lifestyle of Dubai can be ideal for talent looking to grow their profiles though great content as events, hospitality, and food and beverage are pillars of the city. There is no shortage of things to see or do in the emirate. The emirate’s exciting and ever-changing dynamic means there are plenty of opportunities for talents to attain gigs, residencies, connections and more. Our advice is to attend every event you’re invited to, and capitalize on the aesthetics, exclusivity, and potential connections to be made.

The population of Dubai, the diverse background of the residents and visitors and the premier globally renowned brands here make it one of the best places in the world to network and meet the right people who will help you to elevate your talent profile to the next level. We recommend you network at every possible opportunity, as Dubai is full of catalyst people who could help you reach the next step you’ve been reaching for in your career as a talent.

On top of the organic culture Dubai creates surrounding growing as a talent or artist, Dubai’s government strategizes and implements infrastructure that aims to transform Dubai into a preferred destination for global talents and the global capital of the creative economy by 2025 by creating the necessary legislative and investment environment to benefit the emirate’s creative sector, increasing its attractiveness to talents, investors and entrepreneurs.

Under the strategy, ‘creativity’ covers several fields which include:

  • publishing
  • writing
  • print and audio-visual media such as cinema, music and video
  • artistic and cultural industries
  • cultural heritage museums
  • historical sites
  • archives
  • major cultural events
  • libraries
  • software and video game industry
  • It also includes design in all of its many variations, whether related to fashion, gaming, software, or architecture.

You can read more on the Dubai Creative Economy Strategy here.

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