Unveiling the Artistry: A Candid Conversation with Jon Besant

Having a long and successful career in Dubai in the entertainment industry can be tough but there are a few that break the mould and make it big. Take Jon Besant for example he’s an experienced DJ, Promoter and Radio Presenter that has graced the Gulf for many years. With his extensive experience and versatile skills, it’s no wonder he’s a go-to choice for events across the region. We have worked with Jon for many years now and he has had a brilliant career here in Dubai so what better way to give you an insight in to how to be successful here than Jon himself.

How did you get into Radio Presenting nd DJing?

I started DJing when I was just 16 years old on vinyl because my best friend was a DMC World mixing champion and taught me when I stayed at his at weekends. I’ve been DJing all over the world since I was 21 and played in some of the biggest clubs from BCM Majorca, Obeach Ibiza and all of the main clubs here in Dubai. In regards to radio presenting as most people know I don’t have a switch off so it was the perfect transition to compliment my mixing skills and ability to entertain a crowd with my love vocal House music.

Why Dubai?

I first moved to Dubai in 2009 because I fancied a change from the UK and came from Manchester where it was always raining. I did move back for a short while but then realised just how much I loved the beautiful Emirates and difficult as it is for me to leave, I’ve got nothing but incredible memories from the last 15 years of my life.

What is the biggest achievement of your career today?

I would say headlining at BCM with the likes of Tiësto, Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris and many other A-list artists is up there but In Dubai! I would say headlining with Fatboy Slim at zero gravity and all my years as a radio presenter.

What is the hardest part of your job?

The hardest part of my job is the promotion side of things where I have ran my own events for many years. When I first arrived in Dubai, it was extremely easy to get people to follow you but as my demographic got older and had children and with the influx of foreign money and headliners alongside so many venues opening it has become more difficult to, make success of events.

Tell us what a typical day in the life looks like for you?

This is a wonderful question and one I can’t wait to answer. Firstly I cannot remember the last time I set an alarm clock, how amazing is that? I get up every morning and head straight to the gym or do 10,000 steps. I then head home crack on with work from here to Thailand, the UK and more. I will then have a lunch, do a cheeky bit of afternoon cardio and then downtime. The only time I ever go to venues now is if I’m actually paid to be there as I am all partied out after all these years.  Well, obviously apart from if I’m meeting friends for a bit of lunch or an evening meal.

What advice would you give new starters?

The biggest advice I can give new starters, especially here In Dubai! think outside the box. What I mean by that is due to the fact I’ve owned an entertainment agency for a decade here that stands out. Every day we get sent so many press packs and profiles And I recently created a digital one for myself just to be that little bit different so as soon as you open the email a nice song comes up with a video of my press pack. The other advice I would give to people in the industry is, until you’ve made it, stop partying! So many people arrive every weekend and end up leaving very quickly due to running out of funds.

Would you suggest getting a voice reel for people trying to make it in radio?

Funnily enough, I’m just having a voice rail made now for a couple of stations. I’ve approached to hopefully present for in the US and I would 100% again try to think outside the box so people actually watch it all and get drawn to your character.

There are so many DJ’s what can make people stand out from the rest?

I would like to think my biggest attribute isn’t just my ability to play absolute anthems but my personality behind the DJ booth. I’m very well known for my Jesus pose the arms sticking out and can be seen jumping up and down like a madman. Just recently I was working with Elrow here in Dubai and was in the DJ booth with Fisher Going absolutely crazy and what I didn’t realise was I had broken my ankle three weeks before in America and that was the moment I found out I need to go and see a doctor!!!!


Jon is unfortunately moving away from Dubai however he will be back and forward for events so is still available to book. But this carves the way for new talent to get a chance on the scene. If you would like to book Jon or be represented by Motivate talent. Email us now – [email protected]