Wayne Hemmingway

International Keynote Speaker & Design, Creativity & Entrepreneurial Expert

Wayne’s is a colourful story of rags-to-Red or Dead, from Camden Market to London Fashion Week and beyond. Multi-talented; fashion designer, designer for housing projects, inspirational entrepreneur and supporter of creatively led regeneration worldwide, Wayne’s impeccable style and wit (that often has the audience in stitches) are perfect for any event.

This inspirational speaker covers topics such as;

  • Entrepreneurial starts ups
  • Creative industries education
  • Brand building (including marketing and leadership)
  • Housing, urban design and architecture
  • Fashion design

Wayne can also host your event. Whether it be an awards ceremony or a business conference. Plus, he looks fantastic in black tie…

With a career spanning four decades in the design industry, Wayne Hemingway has a fair few stories to tell and lessons to give – and people love to hear them. His talks are insightful, thought-provoking, inspiring, often hilarious and always truthful, warts and all.

Wayne’s rise to success was a rather unusual one, with his big break on a Camden market stall and a segue into housing design due to a scathing piece he wrote for The Independent. Audiences are riveted by his rags-to-Red or Dead tale and how Wayne has continued to push himself creatively, wherever his career may take him.