Therése Neaimé

Singer, Speaker, Actress & Author

One person who has made extraordinary waves of difference in a industry that held its breath in 2020 is the Artist, Speaker and Author, Therése Neaimé. In 2020 she come out with yet another new album, the third in order, and during the last three years she has released several new singles. She has topped the charts worldwide. Her latest music video “Dance Love” being praised by the British for its unique form of expression. In 2020 and 2021 she performed at the London Pride and she was also the headlining act at the Copenhagen Pride in Denmark and Cape Town Pride Festival in South Africa for 20,000 new fans. In January 2021 she won the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for best ”Dance” song. She is also a phenomenal speaker who offers herself, her life and what it’s like to get by alone with three young children, face adversity and still not give up. She is a shining example of “a strong person who stands out and who inspires so many to dare to follow their dreams” she also does it World-wide.

The singer-songwriter’s music combines Therése’s Swedish and Lebanese heritage into a Scandipop/Arabic Pop hybrid that has charted worldwide. She has played concerts in the US, Europe and the Middle East with her own band, Neaimé. She has performed for NATO troops in Afghanistan, and opened up for Simply Red on their European tour. She was selected by the Swedish Government as a notable personality for the cause of Swedish-Arab relationships. Therése has been the Brand Ambassador for Volkswagen Middle East and an Ambassador for the Swedish Foundation for Children with Cancer. She has performed for the King and Crown Princess of Sweden and at numerous VIP events. As an actress, she has had lead roles in both film and theatre. Therése is also an author who recently published her book, ‘From dream to reality’.