Tariq Qureishy

Speaker, Innovator, Futurist & Humanitarian

Tariq Qureishy is a Harvard alumni who started his career back in 1987 as a customer support executive.

He grew through the ranks and worked his way up and built an an illustrious background working with top organizations like Dow Jones Markets, The Times & Sunday Times and more recently Bloomberg Media.

He has helped organizations go from half a million a year to $100 million a year and lead organisations with revenues of greater than $350 million, working across global markets.

He’s a focused business leader, a disruptive thinker, and innovator with a unique ability to create breakthroughs in organizations.

After achieving great success in the corporate world, Tariq went through a ‘tombstone exercise’, being asked to write his legacy in 1999 and again in 2012. That had a huge impact in his personal transformation & life’s purpose.

He discovered his true values and his reason for being. His WHY. His core driver in life. Tariq’s mission is to help transform businesses through empowerment and personal development, and also to reach a billion kids for learning and development to thrive in this exponential world. Tariq’s personal purpose is to Make A Difference’ (MAD) in business and for humanity.

Today Tariq is a futurist. He connects the dots, helping to transform companies by bringing about mindset shift, in both individuals (CEO’s) and particularly organisations/boards.

He heads inspirational & motivational talks globally, related to bridging the present to the future.