Selay Karasu

Media Artist & Director

Selay Karasu is a new media artist and director from Turkey. Her work is at the intersection of science, philosophy, and mathematics to create sublime animated sequences. While her works borrow from the spectrum of abstraction and organic movement, they were however created with the most scientific precision; and inspired by a reflection on an increasingly connected world. She manages to represent the invisible layer of our daily reality. The accumulation of our collective data gives birth to her animated entities that has the potential to create chain reactions.

Through artificial intelligence and the use of new and targeted data, the artist subtly highlights the mutations of the Earth we occupy (Strata series, 2022). Using satellite images from Google Earth, Selay gives elements of answers from global warming data from different locations between the years 1999-2021. 

On the other hand, The “World Wide Mind*”* reflects on the evolution of the global exchange of information and depicts the futuristic vision of the internet that is to be even more and more connected, intelligent, and decentralized. In its simplest form, this means that human activity and unlimited data on the Internet, to which we contribute every day, are constantly participating in this network and making it a collective global mind. 

Using IP routing visualization data collected over the past 24 years, and instead of representing addresses by drawing lines from one point to another on a 2D plane, Selay represents this infinitely dynamic and colossal flow in a very poetic and organic way. It takes the form of curved and sinuous lines, compartmentalized in different colors, with a crystallized effect.

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