Sarah Lindsay

3x Olympian, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Sarah Lindsay, a triple Olympian, who is now a Professional Trainer is being hailed the ‘UK’s Queen of transformations’. Jaw-dropping before and afters could motivate even the most languid gym-goer to grab a pair of dumbbells in pursuit of peak power. Just ask Piers Morgan, one of the latest stars to recruit Sarah, who, since retiring from professional speed skating 12 years ago, has opened a trio of London gyms and another set now open in Dubai where weight lifting, as opposed to cardio, is the ticket to top-to-toe body sculpting.

Sarah, who was the British women’s short-track speed skating champion for 10 consecutive years, qualified as a PT before retiring in 2010, and is now the PT of choice for celebrities, including Vogue Williams, Paloma Faith and Nick Grimshaw.

She is also carving a global fanbase. During lockdown, her regular Insta Live workouts were so fitness-inspiring, she went on to launch a dedicated online platform of full-body metabolic classes.

Explaining the benefits of metabolism-boosting weight training over cardiovascular exercise, Sarah, 41, says: “Unlike cardio, weight training is smarter and more efficient, so it’s great if you’re time-starved. We’re now being told to reach 20,000 steps a day – that’s three hours of walking daily. Who has the time for that? I don’t!”