Saeed Al Dhaheri

AI Speaker

Saeed Al Dhaheri stands as a luminary in the fields of artificial intelligence and technology. With a myriad of accolades and prestigious positions under his belt, his reach and influence in the realm of technology are vast and impactful. As the Director of the Center for Future Studies at the University of Dubai and a Visiting Lecturer on AI in the Cloud & Edge Implementation at the University of Oxford, he is at the forefront of cutting-edge technological advancements and their academic instruction. In the global arena, his involvement as a Member of the Global Future Council on the Future of the Metaverse and on Virtual and Augmented Reality for the World Economic Forum places him at the nexus of conversations about the future of digital realms. As an Advisor for International Moon Day and the former Principal Partner of 01Gov, his influence extends beyond our planet, looking toward the possibilities of space.

Al Dhaheri’s endeavours are not just limited to the tech world; his roles as the Chairman of the Board of Smartworld, the President of the Digital Engineering Chapter of the Society of Engineers- UAE and Advisor to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs showcase his multifaceted approach to technology’s implementation in various sectors. With his hands-on experience, particularly as the Founder and leader of the Emirates Identity Authority, he was pivotal in the development of the UAE National Smart ID Card project. His expertise in setting up secure and encrypted global networks was demonstrated when he oversaw the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Global WAN Project. His keen insight into the digital transformation of industries is evident from his consultations with luxury fashion brands on the convergence of technology and fashion. The world has been a witness to his profound knowledge as he has presented at esteemed institutions such as the University of Oxford, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, covering diverse subjects from e-government to responsible AI.

Al Dhaheri’s voice resonates far and wide, evidenced by his LinkedIn Top Voice recognition. His co-authored book, “Digital Nation: How the UAE is Building a Future Based on Tech Innovation”, and numerous articles for the Harvard Business Review Arabia and Dubai Policy Review Journal showcase his vision for a technologically advanced future. His accolades, including the IDC Insight Middle East CIO Award and the AcceleratorsX Award for Education Future Thought Leader, are testaments to his contributions to the technological sphere. But it’s not just about achievements for Al Dhaheri; it’s about passion. His drive to inspire individuals, assist governments, and reshape the future through digital innovation and future anticipation makes him an unparalleled keynote speaker discussing artificial intelligence and technology.

Saeed Al Dhaheri is a globally recognised authority on artificial intelligence, bolstered by his academic roles at institutions like the University of Dubai and Oxford, and his hands-on tech implementation experiences at the national level. His vast presentations at esteemed global platforms demonstrate his prowess as an effective communicator. With a track record that includes leading pivotal tech projects, authoring significant publications and earning distinguished awards, Al Dhaheri brings a holistic, responsible and visionary perspective to AI. His passion and commitment to shaping the future through AI make him an invaluable speaker in the field.