Rosemary Shrager

British Chef & Presenter

Renowned British chef Rosemary Shrager’s illustrious career began at London’s Tante Claire restaurant under Pierre Koffman’s mentorship. With over a decade of industry experience, she’s become a fixture on both TV screens and bookshelves. Her television journey started in 2007 with “Rosemary Shrager’s School for Cooks,” followed by appearances on popular shows like “The Real Marigold Hotel” and “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!” Alongside her TV stints, Rosemary has penned several acclaimed cookbooks and even opened her own cooking school, initially at Amhuinnsuidhe Castle, later relocating to Swinton Park.

Recognized for her contributions, she’s received awards like the Bobbie Chaplin OBE Yorkshire Legend award and has judged competitions such as the Great British Food Awards. Rosemary’s passion for food extends beyond the limelight; she enjoys developing recipes in her spare time and sharing her expertise with private clients. Her genuine enthusiasm for culinary education and her track record as a speaker and judge make her an ideal choice for any event.