Visual Artist & Music Producer

Reuko, a self-taught American visual artist and ambient music producer based in Oslo, Norway, creates luminescent 3D simulations and hypnotic particle sculptures inspired by nature. Enamored by the beauty and impermanence of natural patterns, his work aims to evoke the sublime, immersing audiences in elemental forces like wind, water, energy, and light.

In 2023, Reuko launched ‘LIGHT BODIES’, exploring humanity’s deep connection with these awe-inspiring elements and evolving natural patterns. This ongoing project merges particle simulations, cinematography, drones, photogrammetry, sound design, and AI to craft experiences that inspire awe and appreciation for our fragile world. The series has garnered a global audience, expanding into digital media and immersive installations worldwide through collaborations.

Reuko’s visuals have enhanced performances by Subtronics, ZEDD, Excision, Deathpact, and REZZ, and he has collaborated with Steve Aoki on Web3 NFT collectibles. Embracing Unreal Engine, he also creates interactive audiovisual installations.

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