Piers Linney

AI Speaker, British Businessman & Investor

Piers Linney is one of the biggest names in British business. The visionary behind the #StartUp and #ScaleUp projects, the award-winning entrepreneur is transforming his influential career, as a serial founder and investor, into implementable advice for aspiring SMEs. A self-made success, Piers has dedicated his later career to enabling others to do the same, through no- nonsense teaching, and his involvement in several non-executive roles. Named in 2018’s Top 100 BAME Leaders in Business, Piers’ impact is felt across sectors, and his inspirational work makes him a pillar of the BAME community, the ideal speaker to cover topics from corporate success to defying the odds.

Backed by his professional experience in law, finance and acquisitions, as a former Senior Associate at Credit Suisse, Piers left the payroll of others to pursue his entrepreneurial spirit. Co-founding his first technology based business in 2000 was swiftly followed by the technological crash, leaving Piers two options; to give up or step up. Choosing the latter, he has since gone on to forge an epic career investing and co-founding ventures in the tech and communications sector. Developing a reputation as unapologetically determined and resilient businessman, Piers was named the Black British Awards 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year and in the 100 Most Influential BAME Leaders in Tech, proving the impact of his work goes beyond corporate success, to redefining social diversity constructs.

Recognised largely in the media for his roles as a former Dragon on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, not only did Piers grow his company portfolio, by investing in the number 1 fastest growing company in Tech Track 2017, but his public platform. Infiltrating the mainstream media, strengthen by his appearance on The Secret Millionaire, Piers utilised his expanded profile to champion others to success. Through his speaking engagements, Piers transforms the futures of both individuals and companies across the size scale. Offering no-nonsense advice, guided support and first-hand experience, Piers captivates audiences with his innovative approach to business; collaboration, diversity and future proofing are the keys to success.

Driven by his desire to pave the way for others, Piers has sat on the Cabinet Office SME Panel and acts as a non-executive director of the British Business Bank, that facilitates more than £12 billion in contributions to SME developments. Similarly, Piers is a dedicated Trustee of the UK’s foremost innovation foundation, Nesta, with a £450 million endowment. Continuing to thrive in the world of business, whilst supporting the national and personal development of small businesses, Piers is an exemplary businessman, defining a generation of leaders.