Omar Sartawi

Chef & Food Artist

Omar Sartawi is an internationally acclaimed food artist/chef with products and projects around the world. Through deconstructing textures, tastes and appearances, and transforming them into avant-garde creations, Omar gives new meaning to food art. He first rose to fame with his first creation Jameed Chocolate, and then went on to create many projects intertwining food and art including the replica of Ayn Ghazal made of Jameed Concrete, and his Aubergine Leather made of aubergine skins. His latest work Tears of Beirut is a conceptual art piece, where he cooked a broth that is similar to real tears in both salinity and viscosity. This was bottled into four limited edition pieces, with the ingredients’ labels beautifully expressing a strong political message written in Arabic, English, and Phoenician.

Luxurious sustainable material and digital fabrication

Omar created a new material similar to real leather made out of aubergine skins and orange peels skins and am working on many collaborations with different international designers to create fashion, furniture and fine jewelery items. These collaborations include:

• Breathable aubergine leather masks

• Luxurious aubergine bags

• Furniture design using aubergine leather, for example the Aladdin

• Luxurious bags using orange peel leather

• High end luxury table DUCK A L’ORANGE

Omar never shy’s away from experimentation and using new technologies in different ways.