Nina Zandnia

TV Presenter, Producer, Director, Public Speaker & Moderator

Nina Zandia is a TV Presenter, Producer, Director, Public Speaker and Moderator who started her TV career at the age of 14 years old hosting a children’s show. In 2006 Nina developed a reality TV show ‘Top Dog’ that was sold to 26 different countries, and it was a Prime-Time TV show. She has more than 15 years experience working for major networks in the US, Australia, Sweden and the UAE. The networks include Sky News, NBC, Channel 7, Strix Television, Talpa Scandinavia, Sto-Cph and Dubai One.

Nina was the founder of the first Lifestyle TV Channel online in the Middle East. Nina was also a weekly studio guest on 95 PULSE FM to discuss social and cultural topics, including lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel. She was the CEO of UC Production and Zand Dynasty Corporation, a well known media production company in the UAE. She is now Managing Partner of Emiras DWC LLC, a marketing, consulting, and social media company.

Nina is from Sweden, who she grew up in there and New York for most of her life. She has also lived in Australia and in Dubai for the past 15 years. Nina has a Masters and an Honors Degree in Journalism and TV Broadcasting and an Honors Degree in Media Law and Ethics from NYU, Bond, Griffith University. Nina speaks 6 languages fluently.

She won the Great Woman Awards 2016 Middle East for her achievements because of her exceptional work in TV, Media, Fashion and her Humanitarian work by Great Woman Awards and Ahlan Magazine. She was also in the Top 100 Middle Eastern Influencers and was chosen as the Top 40 All Star Middle East. Nina was nominated for the woman of the year award, nominated for an Achievement award 2012, and also nominated for an Entrepreneurship award.

Nina hosted a live TV show for more than 30 million viewers around the world, interviewing Logan Paul at the world’s biggest “Meet and Greet” in Dubai Mall. She is also a Goodwill Ambassador for her home country, Sweden, during the World Expo.

In 2020, Nina Zandnia was recognized as Sweden’s Goodwill Ambassador in the Middle East. She was chosen to represent Sweden because of her work and support for the Swedish Embassy throughout the years. On the 13th of December 2022 she will receive an Honorary Diploma for her exceptional work.

Nina had her own column in Khaleej Times for three years, and she was one of the first columnist working for them. Because of her popularity and mass following in the Middle East, she wrote about her life and everything related to lifestyle, travel, fashion, art, culture, restaurants and hotels. Nina has recently joined as a SDG Speaker and Moderator in the United Nations and will be their ambassador for the Middle East.