Nina Schick

AI Speaker & Commentator

Nina Schick is highly regarded as one of the World’s first generative AI experts, revolutionising the worlds of technology and artificial intelligence with her passion for advancing the capabilities of generative AI. Analysing this incipient form of artificial intelligence, Nina is expertly mapping out how humanity with reap the benefits of this exponential technology as the Creator of the Era of Generative AI and as the author of the World’s first generative AI book DEEPFAKES: The Coming Infocalypse. If you are looking to discover how generative AI will undoubtedly change humanity, hire GenAI expert Nina Schick today.

Initially forging a respectable career as a Policy Researcher for the likes of The Sunday Times, BBC Millbank, SPIEGEL International and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Nina has had the opportunity to advise the World’s global leaders. Having also worked as the Advisor for the Alliance of Democracies Foundation and the Director of Rasmussen Global, Nina has advised the likes of President Joe Biden and Anders Fogh Rasmussen – the former NATO Secretary General. Leaving the world of current affairs and geopolitical risk behind her, Nina began to focus her interests on the incoming wave of artificial intelligence shaping humanity, becoming the Founder of Tamang Ventures. Continuing her work with Tamang Ventures today, Nina sits at the helm of a company dedicated to the adoption of generative AI and creating a future where generative AI is prominent.

In addition to having written the World’s first generative AI book and sitting at the helm of a generative AI company, Nina also shares her expertise as an artificial intelligence advisor. She has committed her expertise as an Advisor of Synthesia, the creator of the first AI-to-video generation platform, and an Advisor of Truepic, the creator of the first media authentication technology. In addition to this advisory work, Nina is also highly sought after to share her expertise on generative AI on a variety of international broadcasts, having been featured on Sky, the BBC, CNBC and Bloomberg previously. Also a prolific writer on generative AI, Nina regularly contributes articles on the future of artificial intelligence to The Times, WIRED, the MIT Tech Review and Time. In recognition of such a decorated career in AI, Nina was named a LinkedIn Top Voice in AI in 2023  and among the World’s 20 Best Speakers on AI.

Delivering bespoke advisory on the future of artificial intelligence and generative AI, Nina has had the pleasure of working with clients such as Gartner, Microsoft and Adobe to name but a few. Hired to share her expertise on the future of generative AI as a keynote speaker, Nina has already shared her astute knowledge on global stages at WebSummit and CogX. When looking for a preeminent expert on generative AI who will detail everything from how generative AI will change business to AI ethics and digital authenticity, look no further than Nina Schick!