Nader Mushrbash

Choreographer & Creative Director

A resume that extends a global reach, Nader is the only choreographer in the Middle East who has worked with world famous artists such as Rita Ora, Beyoncé, Pink, as well as major TV productions; X Factor, Brit Awards and the MTV Awards (to name but a few!) His 15-year career has made him internationally renowned for his craft and style, with his impressive reputation taking across the world to perform, choreograph, direct and teach over 2,000 professional dancers and students of all ages. His coaching technique commands attention and discipline, but expressed with charm and affable enthusiasm, making him a highly favourable Choreographer and Creative Director in the dance world. Nader’s only aim is to give back to dancers, just as his teachers have done the same for him, so it’s no wonder that he has placed as one of the top dance schools by Time Out Kids.

Having resided in the UAE for only a small handful of years, Nader has held the lead dance teacher at Emirates School of Dance Abu Dhabi, as well as lead teacher and examiner for UDO Academy Dubai at Gems Wellington. He has lead the UAE dance troupe to be within the top 10 of their respective categories in the UDO World Street Dance Championships in the UK twice, and all of the students who have also taken the UDO syllabus have always achieved higher distinctions since 2015. On top of that, his past students, whom he taught from his early 20s have gone on to work with other major artists and TV shows, both as dancers and choreographers.

Nader has also choreographed Sony Music Middle East’s homegrown acts, Nathalie Saba and The Five, as well as releasing a choreography video for Europe’s leading street dance community, WhoGotSkillz. He’s launched products for designer brands like Dolce and Gabbana, creative TV Commercials and other show-stopping performances, all whilst maintaining his own UAE based training and productions, plus his international work with his UK/European counterparts.