Mimi Webb

Singer & Songwriter

Mimi Webb stands out as a remarkably talented pop singer and songwriter, elevating the music scene with her expressive voice and candid songwriting. Mimi’s career witnessed a significant turning point in 2019 when she decided to share her early compositions and collaborations online. This bold move paid off as it garnered the attention of the music industry, resulting in management deals and a contract with Epic Records in the US and RCA in the UK. Her raw talent and potential were undeniable, and an impromptu acapella performance later that year took social media by storm, amassing over 20 million views on TikTok. This viral moment paved the way for a series of original tracks, including ‘Before I Go’, ‘I’ll Break My Heart Again’, ‘Reasons’, and ‘Good Without’, all of which resonated with fans and added to her growing repertoire of hits.

Mimi’s rise to fame is a testament to her undeniable talent and the power of social media in today’s music industry. After going viral with a TikTok video, her debut single ‘Before I Go’ caught the attention of millions, including social media influencer Charli D’Amelio, whose dance video to the song further propelled Mimi into the spotlight. Her collaboration with notable artists like Rory Adams and Digital Farm Animals on this track showcases her ability to create music that is not only personal but also has a widespread appeal. With millions of monthly listeners on Spotify and impressive streaming numbers for each of her singles, Mimi has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the pop music scene.

2023 has been extremely promising for Mimi Webb, as she stands on the brink of a breakthrough with the release of her new single and music video, ‘Reasons’. This release follows the success of ‘I’ll Break My Heart Again’, a soul-stirring ballad that has captivated fans and critics alike, earning her praise for her distinctive vocal style and emotive songwriting. Mimi’s ability to create music that is both powerful and relatable has set her apart in the crowded pop landscape, and she has quickly carved out a niche for herself with her balladic pop sound. With her debut EP on the horizon, Mimi Webb is a name you’ll want to remember, as she continues to enchant listeners with her vocal prowess and heartfelt storytelling.