Matthew Blakemore

Chief AI Strategist

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Matthew Blakemore is a revered AI strategist, innovator, and digital transformation expert. As the Chief AI Strategist at AI Caramba, he plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the theoretical potential of AI and its practical & impactful applications. His collaboration with giants like Amazon Web Services underlines his significant influence in the field. As a seasoned keynote speaker, Matthew brings his extensive expertise to a variety of events. This makes him a sought-after voice in the AI community.

Matthew’s academic background is as impressive as his professional journey. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the University of Hertfordshire. A Postgraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Texas. These academic pursuits laid the foundation for his spectacular career, spanning multiple sectors and industries. One of his most notable roles was as CEO of Looks Good On Me. A tech startup focusing on integrating sustainability within the fashion industry. This position highlights his ability to merge technology with ethical and sustainable practices. A skill highly relevant in today’s tech-driven world.

His current role as a Member of the Innovate UK Bridge AI Advisory Group showcases his ability to influence major decisions. He advised on the efficient utilisation of a £100 Million budget towards responsible and ethical AI development. Matthew has been the sub-editor in a team of 4 experts who authored the International Standard Organisation AI Data Lifecycle Standard. This is now approved and implemented across the world, as a way of ensuring responsible and ethical AI research.

Throughout his career, Matthew has held various influential positions. Most notably, he has been the Head of Product for the British Board of Film Classification. A Board Member and Chairperson of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals and a Member of the AI Standards Committee for BSI and ISO. His experience as a Business and Innovation Consultant for Unifya Limited, a Product Consultant for Soundation, and an Innovation Lead for Paradise Wildlife Park demonstrates his versatility and ability to drive innovation across diverse fields. Pioneering the multimodal AI Solution in his time at the BBFC. He was listed as the Inventor of patented AI Solution in 2023, which has only furthered his credibility in his field.

Matthew’s dedication to mentoring entrepreneurs and startups is evident through his involvement with The Global Tech Connect AI Bootcamp for AI Startups.

Matthew’s experience as a speaker is extensive, having presented at prominent events. The 2023 AI Summit in New York, the Big Data Conference, the Nordic AI Summit, the Future Impact Summit. The Web Summit where he presented to 70,000 attendees. His ability to convey complex AI concepts in an accessible manner makes him an invaluable asset to any event.

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