Jimi Daodu

AI Speaker, Founder & CEO of Vault Hill

Jimi Daodu, a visionary in AI and metaverse technology, is the Founder and CEO of Vault Hill, an innovative company dedicated to crafting human-centric experiences through extended reality and blockchain technology. With a rich academic background, including a BSc in Computer Science from Babcock University, Nigeria, an MSc in Advanced Computing from the University of Bristol, UK, an MBA with a focus on Entrepreneurship from the University of Warwick, UK, and an ongoing PhD in Computer Science, Jimi has cultivated a deep understanding of the technological landscape.

His career trajectory has been marked by groundbreaking achievements, from impactful roles at Barclays Bank to being a certified Blockchain Architect and NFT expert. This includes leading significant projects at Barclays and orchestrating the successful divestment between Barclays and its South African subsidiary, Absa, achieving substantial cost savings.

The inception of Vault Hill under Jimi’s leadership was a response to the immense potential he observed in virtual land as an NFT and the transformative power of blockchain technology. Vault Hill’s expansion into the UK, UAE, and Nigeria, supported by a pre-seed funding of $2.1m, is a testament to his strategic vision and adeptness in fostering growth.

With the introduction of “Hillda,” Jimi’s latest AI-focused product line, he aims to revolutionise the metaverse landscape further. Hillda embodies Jimi’s commitment to enhancing user experiences by integrating AI, cloud computing, and blockchain technology in novel and impactful ways. This venture underlines Jimi’s role as a thought leader in AI and his dedication to creating solutions that resonate with and enrich the human experience in the digital era.

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