Jean-Christophe Novelli

Professional Chef

Jean-Christophe, a Michelin-starred chef known as the ‘nation’s favourite chef,’ boasts a celebrated career in both culinary excellence and media. With numerous awards under his belt, he owns multiple restaurants and the renowned Novelli Academy. Renowned for his engaging speaking style, he captivates audiences of all culinary backgrounds. Beginning his journey at 14, he rose swiftly, becoming Head Chef to Elie de Rothschild by 19. His Michelin-starred ventures include Gordonton Mill and the Four Seasons hotel. He’s expanded his culinary empire globally, with restaurants in the UK, Cape Town, and Normandy.

His latest venture, Novelli in Belfast, continues his legacy of excellence. Jean-Christophe’s TV appearances span both UK and international screens, showcasing his culinary prowess. He’s also a prolific author and a recipient of honorary awards, including an MBE. Available for speaking engagements and masterclasses, Jean-Christophe brings his worldly experiences and entertaining anecdotes to any event, making him a sought-after figure in the culinary world.