James Fabulous

Magician & Mentalist

James Fabulous is a magician and mentalist. His passion and love for the art is seen in his charismatic performance style as he combines magic, psychology and mind reading to illicit states of wonder from the participants.

After starting with card magic combining sleight of hand and misdirection, James has now moved more to the field of mind reading, figuring out people’s star signs, their date of birth, the name of a friend they are thinking of, pin codes to their phones, even working out a tune that someone is simply humming in their head!

James’ zest and natural talent for magic is felt in every performance. His ability to achieve moments of wonderment among his audience is a testament to the years he has spent honing and perfecting his craft. His presence at live shows is magnetic. People who have just seen him perform run and get their friends to be next in line to have their minds blown. His panache and positivity is alluring and adds a uniquely magical energy to all events!