Hala Al Shammari

Fashion Designer & Founder of HALA

Hala Al Shammari, a renowned Fashion Designer and the Founder of HALA, is driven by a profound passion for design that has been with her since a young age. This third culture woman has shattered the conventional perception of the modern Arab woman’s experience through her unique storytelling approach.

Drawing inspiration from the diverse women in her life, Hala has artfully woven her heritage into the fabric of her brand, imbuing it with a sense of effortless femininity. Every silhouette in her collection serves as a timeless addition to any wardrobe, from elegant slip dresses to chic linen co-ord sets, each piece radiates sophistication and versatility, suitable for a variety of occasions, whether it’s a wedding or a special event, all with a touch of minimalism. HALA’s commitment to ethical production is evident in its sustainable design approach, reducing the carbon footprint and utilizing eco-friendly materials.

Hala’s journey began during her university days when she undertook the task of creating an entire eight-look collection, a pivotal experience that profoundly shaped HALA’s distinctive identity. Throughout her career, she has maintained a consistent aesthetic in her design philosophy, driven by her passion for achieving a harmonious balance in her creations through innovative cuts and shapes. What sets HALA apart is its dedication to crafting statement pieces that seamlessly transition between dressing up and dressing down. Hala derives immense satisfaction from both wearing and creating garments that make bold statements. A hallmark of HALA’s design ethos is the juxtaposition of clean, elegant front designs with unexpected, captivating twists at the back, exemplified by her personal favorite, the backless cut.

Hala’s unique perspective as a third culture woman has played a significant role in shaping her pieces and design philosophy. While the absence of a clear sense of home can be challenging, her upbringing as a third culture kid in Dubai, a culturally diverse city, has enriched her creative outlook. The multicultural environment of her formative years exposed her to a myriad of cultures and nationalities, serving as a deep well of inspiration for her designs. This cultural knowledge has been instrumental in tailoring her creations to resonate with different demographics. Despite the diversity, a common thread unites all her clients: a shared desire to stand out and support a local brand. This shared value brings together a diverse community of women who appreciate the unique and standout nature of Hala’s designs while also championing a local brand.