Greg Williams

AI Speaker

With over a decade of experience in the publication industry, Greg Williams is a leading speaker on branding, marketing and creativity. As the Editor-In-Chief at WIRED, he produces regular content on a wealth of topics, from politics to digital disruption and big data, a testament to Greg’s extensive, valuable knowledge. When delivering keynote speeches, he opens his audience’s eyes to the technological potential of their industry, whether that be finance, healthcare or marketing.

Starting as their Executive Editor in 2010, Greg rose through the ranks to become the esteemed Editor-In-Chief at WIRED, a popular online and print publishing company specialising in technology, culture and world news. Having previously worked with Details Magazine as their Executive Editor, Greg has enjoyed a thriving career in publishing, which has allowed him to pass comment on several pinnacle events. When booked for conferences, he shares both his first-hand experience of the industry, and the specialist topics that set him apart as a content creator.

With a degree from the University of Warwickshire, Greg’s academic and professional knowledge of marketing, branding and business organisation makes him a highly sought-after speaker. The strategic forecaster has great experience in executive roles, positions from which he has supplied valuable predictions for future technologies. From digital to print and other marketing facets, Greg supplies a valuable insight into the industry, from his perspective as a business leader.

Greg has interviewed a wealth of influential figures, including former Prime Minister Theresa May, BMW CEO Harald Krueger and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, learning their secrets for WIRED and keynote addresses. As a moderator, he has served events from several sectors, delivering valuable guidance for business owners as part of a larger panel. In Greg’s spare time, he writes popular novels, journalism articles, and essays on neuroeconomics, previously featured in Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. Awarded the Editors’ Editor of the Year twice, Greg continues to produce industry-leading content.

Editor-In-Chief at WIRED and Editor of Wired World, Greg has played a pinnacle role in forecasting future trends and technological advancements. The keynote speaker delivers his valuable topics with eloquence and clarity, ensuring that audiences of all industries benefit from his advice. Taking his domination of digital publishing one step further, he founded My London Story, which projects the unique stories of London residents. He has been previously booked by Oxford University and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, a testament to Greg’s leading insight and popularity on the speaking circuit.