Gloria Gaynor


Gloria Gaynor was a member of the jazz band The Soul Satisfiers. The group were popular in R&B and dance circles of the time. But it was her work as a solo artist that saw her shoot into the stratosphere. The star-studded solo vocalist was in showbiz for close to a decade before she released Never Can Say Goodbye on Columbia Records. The album featured the first song to top the Billboard Dance Charts and from there she continued to gain significant success in the R&B and dance charts. Then, she truly capitalised on her burgeoning career with the incredible hit single, ‘I Will Survive’.

The song sent shockwaves through the radio and nightclub scene and is still a mainstay in the music collections of people worldwide. It has been widely considered among the great anthems of our time and helped earn her an induction into the Dance Music Hall of Fame. This was one of many outstanding achievements made by the visionary vocalist and the long list has set her out as a global icon. It was the raw power in her voice that made Gloria a superpower in pop.

With 12 charting hits, Gloria cemented her reputation as a leading R&B and dance singer. Her extraordinary talents were not only due to her lyrical and vocal ability but for her rare ability to provoke deep emotion in audiences. An inspiration to many, Gloria claims to live by the mantra of her famous hit song.

She encourages people of all walks of life to come together and be strong. The song has helped people overcoming adversity and loss for many years. Gloria was presented with the Martin Luther King Jr Award for her efforts to go ‘above and beyond to inspire others’. Showered with awards for her work on and off stage, she was also presented with the ‘Legend Award’ at the World Music Awards in 2002. The fact that she still features prominently in popular culture today is a tribute to her magnificent sound and personality she exudes on stage. In 2016 she released her latest album, Testimony to legions of excited fans.