Felicity Stokes

Presenter, Art & Culture Specialist & Journalist

Felicity is an accomplished corporate marketing and communications professional, specialising in B2B strategies for award-winning media agencies. Outside of her marketing career, Felicity is an art, design and culture aficionado. She regularly interviews middle eastern gallerists and artists with the view to promote their work in the region and beyond. Felicity has published her work in multiple international and local publications, including Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia, Emirate’s Woman, Elle, Art Report and Jumeirah magazine.

Felicity’s communications expertise, wealth of knowledge and educational background in the History of Art, combined with her deep-rooted love for all things cultural, bring together unique speaker and presenting qualities.

A vibrant conversationalist who can bring her interviewee’s own passions to light, on a screen or to a mic, Felicity is available for interviews, podcasts and voice-over work surrounding art, design and culture.

Felicity’s Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/felicity.stokes/