Erim Kaur

Business Speaker, Influencer & Model

Erim Kaur is an Entrepreneur, Influencer, and Presenter with a natural, eloquent London accent who works out of both Dubai and London. In addition to adding humour and personality to her topics of discussion, Erim has the ability to speak effortlessly with her audience.

Erim, who has 500,000 followers and is the biggest Sikh influencer in the UK, utilises her platform to serve as a role model for young girls who, like her, may have grown up without a mother or sisters.

In the UK, Erim is Pandora’s representative. She was selected to serve as one of 5 UK influencers who will represent Pandora for a year. She regularly has the most interaction and has created numerous posts and stories that were not required to support the arrangement. Erim is a spokeswoman for Sky TV and Kiss Nails in addition to Pandora, all of which she is immensely delighted to endorse.

During the past 10 years, Erim has predominantly worked in the “Asian Bridal” and “English Bridal” wedding segments of the modelling industry. She has developed her account to a highly engaged following with over 5% ER over the past 4 years. Due to her audience’s high level of discretionary income and track record of considerable ROI when working with businesses, they have great faith in her.


I will always use my platform both on AND offline to advocate for not just Sikh women but WoC as a whole?? thank you to Alison Rose (CEO of Natwest) for this opportunity! ✨ #girlssupportinggirls #girlpower #empowering #femaleentrepreneurship #femaleceo #publicspeaking #rosereview #natwest #telegraph

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