Danilo McGarry

AI Expert & Speaker

Innovator, Danilo McGarry is a thought-leader on the subject matter, a teacher and a speaker, able to transform your knowledge of advanced technological ideas with his captivating talks. As the current Head of Automation at Alter Domus, Danilo is highly regarded for his contributions to the tech field, and his ability to offer advice on its implementation in every format. With knowledge and expertise, second to none Danilo holds the key to your future tech success through his keynote speeches.

A seasoned speaker, Danilo’s engagements have seen him called to all four corners of the globe, including a Financial Times event where he spoke to 220,000 people. Backed by over 15 years of experience in such a fast-developing field, Danilo’s insight is invaluable to his audiences, as he covers a range of topics from automation to machine learning, big data management to analytics. Danilo’s impressive portfolio of previous clients, including Atlanta Wealth, Amazon Web Services, and Inspired Business Media, has hailed him as a transformational leader.

Previously recognised for his visionary work as the Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Citi Group, Danilo now combines his commitments as an international speaker, with his role as the Global Head of Automation at Alter Domus, leading the company’s future-proofed technology strategy. Throughout his extensive and impressive career, Danilo has covered a breadth of industries, including finance, where he became the Royal Bank of Canada’s youngest Associate Director, healthcare, and government. Having worked for some of the world-leading brands in each sector, like JPMorgan and Motorola, what’s evident is the requirement for AI and automation in every industry, and Danilo’s ability to provide it.

Sharing his wealth of knowledge with others is a driving force for Danilo, whether through specialist talks, or various publications in The Times, and InfoMoney, Danilo believes that artificial intelligence should be accessible to all for the greater good. Having been ranked in the 50 most powerful people in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the world, his remarkable knowledge and expertise is highly sought-after across the industry. An invaluable resource to every audience he meets, Danilo McGarry is the leading AI and automation speaker to hire.