Daniel Hulme

AI Speaker

Daniel Hulme is at the helm of revolutionising the technological industry with his expertise in AI and emerging technology. As CEO of Satalia, he solved some of the greatest challenges faced by the industry with the help of AI solutions, introducing radical AI algorithms in society. Advisor to E-Numeracy, Syntropy and CognitionX today, he has offered his advisory services to countless other organisations including UAE National AI Strategy, City AI and the UK Home Office. David is especially skilled at demystifying artificial intelligence, making its depth and importance easy to understand by his audience when booked as a speaker.

A regular TEDx speaker, he has delivered the TED talks “Unifying Humanity in the Digital Age”, “Big Data and Dangerous Ideas” and “Impact of AI – How humanity can use AI for its own growth”. At the heart of his efforts, lies Daniel’s desire to create a future where people are free to innovate and utilise innovations. Satalia was acquired by the WPP group in 2021, and since then Daniel has served as the Chief AI Officer for WPP – helping other WPP agencies in identifying, curating, and promoting AI opportunities.

Serving as a Lecturer and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at LSE today, Daniel received a Master’s and Doctorate in AI at UCL, and has been the Director of Applied AI MSc at UCL earlier in his career. Daniel’s passion technology’s capability to bring around productive change in society. Daniel is currently also on the Impact Advisory Board of University of St Andrews.

Globally recognised as an AI and emerging tech expert, Daniel is an excellent choice to hire for your next event. He is well-versed with the ins and outs of AI, it’s challenges and the many opportunities it brings. As someone who has contributed to several books, podcasts and articles on AI and the future of work, Daniel possesses a level of understanding of AI, that few others can claim. Now available to hire as a speaker, Daniel sheds light on topics such as big data, artificial intelligence, future of work and humanity, blockchain and decentralisation, and society in digital age.