Brian Blessed


Brian Blessed, renowned British actor of stage and screen, is celebrated for his Shakespearean roles and commanding presence. From his memorable performance in Flash Gordon to numerous appearances in Doctor Who and Blackadder, Brian has portrayed over 100 diverse characters throughout his career. His distinctive voice has brought to life iconic roles like Boss Nass in Star Wars: Episode I and Judge Jawbreaker in Legends of Oz.

Beyond acting, Brian is a prolific author with nine published books, including The Turquoise Mountain: Brian Blessed on Everest, chronicling his record-breaking ascent without oxygen. His adventurous spirit extends to expeditions such as scaling Mount Kilimanjaro and exploring Venezuela’s Lost World.

A sought-after speaker and event host, Brian Blessed captivates audiences with his iconic status and resonant voice. Whether for a corporate conference or awards ceremony, Brian’s presence guarantees a memorable and impactful event experience.

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