Brendon Hansford

Director, Choreographer & Dancer

Brendon is one of the world’s leading Choreographers and Movement Directors and is fast-growing an incredible reputation as a Director who specialises in dance and movement for the camera. He regularly works as both on the same job! He has been hired by artists such as Sam Smith, David Guetta, Rod Stewart, Normani, and Rick Astley.

“The only person you need to contact for movement and dance.”

On top of Brendon’s credentials and experience, he has built up over 110k followers all around the world across his various social media platforms for the purposes of promoting current projects he is working on.

“A genius when it comes creating your vision, whether it be for screen or stage, Brendon always delivers.”

In addition to the above-mentioned artists, his skillful and unique instruction in the dance industry has been requested by Sam Smith, David Guetta, Rod Stewart, Rick Astley, Normani, Marisha Wallace, Island Records, Royal Variety Showcase, Renault, Panasonic, Sky, BBC, Eco-World, iTunes, Amazon, Google and Smirnoff, to name a few.

Being both a director and a choreographer gives Brendon a unique perspective on how to create incredible content. Not only does he have a vast knowledge of the whole process of creating videos from the technical to the theoretical. He also comes at every project with a deep understanding of movement from the performers to the camera.

Whether he is choreographing, directing or doing both he will always find the most creative and visually pleasing way of shooting the subject or directing the camera.

Brendon always works very closely with his team and the client to cater to everyone’s needs, in turn helping to create the vision which ultimately keeps clients happy.