Bob Seeman

AI Speaker & Author

Bob Seeman is a California Attorney and author of the book “The Coinmen”, a hugely comprehensive critique of Bitcoin. He is the Managing Partner of Cybercurb and a Principal at Endeavor, a specialist cybersecurity firm that advises businesses and the United States Government on emerging technology. His global analytics company, RIWI Corp., advises governments, NGOs, the Fortune 500, and finance companies such as the Bank of America.

Having completed a degree in Applied Science (B.A.Sc., Elec. Eng.) with Honours from the University of Toronto, Bob earned his MBA from EDHEC University in France. After receiving a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of British Columbia, he practised law at Norton Rose Fulbright, the prestigious international law firm.

Bob has been building internet-based businesses for over 20 years, and, in 1998, he served as Head of Strategy for Microsoft Network UK advising on their transition to a new web portal strategy. He has also advised the European Commission on new technologies and the telecommunications integration of the former eastern European countries. He has served on several boards and in advisory roles for a range of companies in a variety of fields including law, finance, cryptocurrency, pharmaceuticals, international trade, advertising, and cybersecurity.

Bob is a Board Director of the Cyber Future Foundation where he is dedicated to the creation of a more secure and trusted internet through the world. He is a highly sought after speaker and has delivered talks for the National Association of Attorneys General, the Cyber Future Foundation, OffshoreAlert, FBI/Fordham Law, The Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing, among others. For cybersecurity and cryptocurrency conferences, Bob provides an extremely detailed view on key topics and trends.