Singer & Record Producer

Basshunter is a truly unique dance music act conceived and performed by Swedish singer-songwriter and record producer Jonas Altberg. Having begun his musical career singing in a choir, it wasn’t long before Basshunter took his first steps into dance music. The year 2001 saw Basshunter produce music under his newfound stage name, six-months after he first started to use Fruity Loops. Several years later, Basshunter was ready to release his first album, The Bassmachine, primarily through the Alex Music label.

Having performed as a disc jockey for a number of Swedish nightclubs, Basshunter continued to distribute much of his music through the internet. This included releases through a number of online platforms, including gaming websites and his own official website. Basshunter’s definitive breakthrough as a dance music producer occurred following the release of his iconic song Boten Anna, a track which was initially published online. In only several months’ time, the song was downloaded over one million times.

The popularity of Boten Anna soon saw the Swedish producer receive international attention, eventually signing with Extensive Music and Warner Music. Boten Anna soon saw an official release, reaching the number one spot in the Swedish singles chart and being certified platinum in his home country. The track also went on to achieve commercial success in a number of other countries. Basshunter’s debut studio album was released in 2006. The album’s second single, Vi sitter I Ventrilo och spelar DotA also proved popular, achieving commercial success in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and The Netherlands.

The following years saw Basshunter further build upon his musical repertoire as a dance music producer, releasing his third studio album Bass Generation in 2009. The album was a commercial success, receiving a silver certification in the United Kingdom. This was soon followed by the release of further albums, 2012’s The Early Bedroom Sessions and 2013’s Calling Time. Apart from his musical achievements, Basshunter also made a number of television appearances. This includes appearances on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Fort Boyard and The Weakest Link.

Most famously, Basshunter also appeared in the seventh series of Celebrity Big Brother, eventually finishing fourth in the competition. Basshunter’s musical style is often described as being upbeat, melodic and energetic. Many of his best-known songs, including I Miss You, I Promised Myself, Love Story, Why and Angel in the Night, incorporate elements of this characteristic style. Basshunter’s wonderful Eurodance compositions have therefore continued to electrify audiences across the world. As such, the Swedish producer continues to present his catchy melodies to an international legion of adoring fans.