Ayesha Sohail

Influencer, Actress & Model

Influencer, Actress, and Model Ayesha Sohail plays the character Maham in the Pakistani drama Badnaseeb. In 2022, Ayesha began her career in show business and has now relocated to Dubai and is currently focused on her modelling and acting careers.

Ayesha has worked with numerous brands during her years. She has had appearances in “Saada” the music video by Hasan Raheem and the advertisement for ‘Zong’ commercial.

She has a successful acting and modelling career in addition to having a large online following. Her engagement is increasing every day, with over 50K TikTok followers and over 40K Instagram followers.

Ayesha is the ideal choice for your upcoming event, show, shoot, or project, whether it be in the entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, show business, travel, or corporate sectors.