Andreas Baand Larsen

Speaker & Web3 Expert

Andreas Baand Larsen is an Entrepreneur, Businessman and a C Level Executive. Andreas stands out for his passion and commitment to accomplishing business goals with high standards and results. With over 12 years in the sales and management industry, Andreas demonstrates a vast wealth of experience, business acumen, leadership skills, and a strong drive to steer companies towards success and critical global acclaim.

Working with revolutionary tech within the Web3 space has set his sights on the Virtual Reality and Metaverse world, offering key insights on the Metaverse but also what it actually means for us as human beings.

The one constant thing is his steadfast commitment and hunger for success at an organizational and personal level. Andreas brings his crucial knowledge to the table when it comes to global commercial growth and strategic partnerships.

Andreas takes pride in his work ethic and the ability to manage multiple projects creating results without impacting the quality of the task at hand. Striving to deliver exciting, fun and a new type of keynotes to your event.

Outside of work, Andreas is actively involved with the charity for unwell children. He is the country leader of an organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of sick children by offering them a chance to enjoy what the world of Motorsport and luxurious sports cars have to showcase.