International Singer

Anastacia’s debut album Not That Kind enjoyed massive chart success upon its release. Since then, Anastacia has continued to build herself an enviable reputation as one of the most exciting female pop stars in the world today. The American singer-songwriter’s debut album went on to achieve a multi-platinum status in the United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, France, Austria and Germany. The album featured many Anastacia songs that would go on to become some of her best-loved hits, including Not That Kind, Cowboys & Kisses, Black Roses, Same Old Story, Who’s Gonna Stop The Rain, I Ask Of You and the iconic I’m Outta Love. Enjoying massive chart success, Anastacia soon came to follow up her debut album with her second full-length release, Freak Of Nature.Much like the success of her first studio album, Anastacia’s second release went on to achieve multi-platinum status in a number of countries across the world, including the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. The release that followed, 2004’s self-titled album Anastacia, also proved to be a commercial success. Featuring a vast number of exciting tracks, including Left Outside Alone, Welcome To My Truth, Where Do I Belong, Heavy on My Heart and Sick and Tired, the album achieved chart success in countries like The Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland.Since then, Anastacia has followed up her impressive musical repertoire with several studio albums, proving her longevity as one the most exciting female singers of our time.

As a result of her success, Anastacia is estimated to have sold in excess of 30 million records worldwide. Anastacia has won a number of coveted awards over the course of her colourful career. This includes an MTV Europe Music Award, an Edison Music Award, a World Music Award, a TMF Award, a Maxim Magazine Award and a Women’s World Award.Apart from her musical achievements, Anastacia has acted as a prominent figure in a number of charity events. This saw her appear at events such as 46664, an AIDS-awareness event organised by Nelson Mandela. In addition, Anastacia has also shown her support for a number of other charity functions, including Challenge for The Children, Life Ball and Make A Difference.

Over the course of her career, Anastacia has shown herself to be one of the most thrilling pop singers in the music industry today. Known for her powerful voice and commanding stage presence, she continues to delight crowds wherever she goes.