Alicia Dillon

Professional Actress

Alicia Dillon, a Liverpool-born actress with dual residency in Dubai and the UK, infuses her performances with a rich tapestry of talent and training.

Alicia’s journey began at UCLan, one of the top-rated UK universities for actor training. Alicia honed her craft during her time at UCLan, being selected as one of the few to attend intensive vocal training at the legendary Roy Hart Theatre. Here, she delved deep into the art of vocal expression, exploring the transformative power of the voice and unlocking new dimensions of creativity.

Fuelled by her training experiences, Alicia brings a dynamic blend of authenticity and versatility to her work, using her voice to start her character. Her recent collaborations include voicing animations for Guts UK and delivering a poignant portrayal in the BBC New Creatives short, ‘ADHD Pot Pourri’ as well as appearing in ITV’s Coronation Street.

Alicia will soon be appearing on our screens again in Channel 4’s ‘The Gathering’. Her passion for storytelling and commitment to positive change through the arts continues to drive her forward.

Keep an eye on this rising star as she harnesses the power of her voice and acting to inspire, entertain, and illuminate the human experience.

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