Alexandria Tyler

Model & Actress

Growing up singing and playing the piano in Newcastle, North East of England, it didn’t take Alexandria long to realize she’d like to see the rest of the world and have her passions be the reasons for her travels.

She fell in love with music at an early age and later went on to also take health and fitness, acting and modeling under her wing. Now, a well seasoned traveller who’s lived between the UK and Spain for the last few years and recently added Dubai to that list, she is determined to incorporate all of her listed desires into her career.

In 2018 she was granted a role in an independent film, traveling to Switzerland on 3 different occasions to fulfill her performance. She’s also performed musically, singing and playing piano, in front of thousands at a North East Charity event, ‘Sunday For Sammy’ seeing 5000 guest attend per show, running twice, at the age of 16 years old.

Alexandria has been seen through tens of online collaborations through TikTok and Instagram, each employer highly satisfied with her work and results.

Her most recent venture saw her dip her toe into the fashion industry, setting up a family owned online vintage clothing store and hosting 2 pop-up shops with raging success.

Alexandria is nothing but hardworking and determined, who commits to her word and sees no opportunity given to her as a chore. Her ‘get up and go’ attitude is why so many employers have loved to work with her and often repeated their contracts.