How TikTok helps musicians grow

Whether you love it, hate it, or are just perplexed by it, as an artist you just can’t ignore TikTok’s ability to help musicians blow up. As a musician, you should be taking advantage of every chance to promote your music and yourself. TikTok provides a vibrant and effective way to do so, with music already being the backbone of the app. Musicians utilizing TikTok to market their music are the ideal for the platform, especially thanks to the millions of tracks in user’s libraries that they may choose from as the soundtrack for their video clip.

TikTok is not all dances and lip syncs, TikTok today is so much more. They represent an incredibly diverse range of content from music to sports, fashion, cooking, gaming and list goes on. TikTok as a community adore a variety of music, from genres like Arabic Pop to Jazz, Afropop, Khaleeji, K-pop and Arabic Hip Hop, Electronic and more. There is a place for musicians of any genre to create content on TikTok.

To build a successful TikTok community as a musician, you should:

•  Be consistent. This does not imply that you need to post every day; 3–4 postings per week on TikTok are more than sufficient, but post at consistent timings on the days you do post.

•  Diversify. Play around with several content concepts and ideas to see which ones suit you the best. You’ll eventually find your rhythm, even if this requires, for instance, reacting to other musicians’s TikTok videos or recording yourself singing over their beats. Don’t be afraid to show all parts of your personality (even your non-musical side.)

•  Experiment. Use the Duet, Stitch, and Save Video features in your settings so that viewers may engage with your videos. Duet enables you to submit your video next to one from another creator. With the help of the production tool Stitch, you can join an existing TikTok video with a new one. You can download a video using the Save video option so that you can share and watch TikTok videos offline.

•  Share. Post your TikTok account with your fans on other social media platforms. Sharing your most recent TikTok video on all platforms enables your followers to access your TikTok account directly.

•  Innovate. Try to come up with a challenge for your music that will motivate your listeners and others to create videos using your sound. This will increase the chance that your song will become active worldwide. This can involve creating a memorable dance to go along with your song so that other people use your sound to dance along to it.

Regardless of the type of material you produce for TikTok, keep in mind to always include a call to action for your audience. Inform your followers that by selecting the link in your bio on your account, they may join your fan club, subscribe to your newsletter, download a free song, purchase your most recent album, or receive information about your next tour. Through this link, you may even sell merchandise, concert tickets, and music, giving you more ways to engage your audience.

The opportunities on TikTok are limitless, it’s important to capitalize on the opportunity to grow your music, your streams, your content and your platform while the app continues to grow and support creators. Motivate Talent is proud to partner with TikTok to provide artists with workshops, resources and support with their content on the TikTok platform.