Toju Duke

AI Speaker & Author

Toju Duke is the founder of Diverse AI, an organisation championing underrepresented groups in AI to eliminate bias in data sets for more representative AI technology. A thought leader in responsible AI, she currently holds the role of Programme Manager for Responsible AI at Google, leading diversity and inclusion initiatives across the product and research teams. With profound expertise in her field, Toju is highly sought after for speaking engagements, delivering thought-provoking presentations on the science behind establishing responsible AI frameworks.

Earning a BSc in Sociology from Bayero University, Kano, in 2004, she completed an MA in International Design, Marketing, and Communication at The University of Huddersfield in 2010. Toju recently obtained an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from Bircham International University, gaining an in-depth understanding of the technical mechanisms of AI. In 2010, she became a Business Development / Marketing Assistant at Kajans Women’s Enterprise. She joined Bargainz Central as a Marketing Assistant in 2011 before becoming a Marketing Assistant at TechEnergy Corp and TBG Learning in 2012.

In 2013, Toju landed the role of Dynamic Ads Specialist at Google, beginning her journey with the internationally renowned company, which would see her become a Shopping Specialist, Hotel Ads Specialist, Product Lead, and the current Programme Manager on Responsible AI. On a mission to use AI for social good, Toju became an Ambassador for Women’s AI and an Ethical AI Network Member of The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning.

Providing a cutting-edge framework for responsible AI, Toju is the author of Building Responsible AI Algorithms. Recognised for her industry-leading insights into Ethical AI, she regularly speaks at prestigious conferences, most recently The London AI Summit and Surrey Summit in 2023. Calling for transparent and bias-free AI, Toju highlights the dangers of releasing AI models with bias in their data sets. Revealing the process for creating responsible AI in her speaking engagements, Toju takes her audience through her robust framework.