Nazgol Rashidazari

International Qanun Player

Meet International and Award Winner Qanun Player, Nazgol Rashidazari.

From a young age, Nazgol was drawn to the world of music and began her journey by learning to play the piano at the age of 8. As she grew older, Nazgol discovered her true passion in the traditional instrument of the Qanun and made it her main focus.

As a member of various bands and orchestras, Nazgol has had the opportunity to perform in countless concerts, showcasing her talents to audiences around the world. She continued to pursue her professional goals by studying music composition in university and teaching Qanun to others. Additionally, Nazgol has organized bands for performances and has played as a solo artist in countries such as Iran, UAE, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, and Egypt all with a diverse range of music styles including Arabic, Classical, Traditional, Oriental house and Fusion.

Currently based in Dubai, Nazgol is dedicated to chasing her passion for music and has had the opportunity to perform at high-level events such as the Expo, Fashion Awards, Dubai Active Show Festival, Chill Opposite Festival, and Dubai Opera. She also has the privilege of collaborating with well-known brands such as Ferrari, Gucci, Carolina Herrera and Jetex adding to her list of notable accomplishments.

With a love for music that runs deep and a talent that is undeniable, Nazgol is a true professional in her field, dedicated to sharing her passion with the world.