Luca Allam

Presenter, Speaker & Podcaster

Luca Allam is a highly regarded and respected figure in the media and marketing industry, best known for his ability to inspire, deliver business success and his charismatic public speaking. With many years as an industry leader and CEO, Luca has established himself as a thought leader not only in the MENA region but globally as well.

As the CEO of PHD MENA, an international strategic media and communication agency, Luca has led his team to achieve significant growth and recognition across all offices in media. As well as multiple new business wins, under his guidance, the MENA office of PHD has been named multiple times as “The most effective media agency office” by Effie’s MENA, highlighting his successful leadership and strategic approach.

One of Luca’s most notable talents lies in his ability to talk to people, and to uncover profound insights about individuals and different industries. Through his popular podcast series, “The Insight Track with Luca Allam,” in his own unique and relaxed style, he dives deep into authentic stories to understand and uncover certain truths about what makes people really tick, as well as revealing the real story behind certain industries that are misunderstood. With a unique blend of a diverse cultural background and personal experiences, Luca possesses a natural empathetic nature that allows him to establish trust and gather invaluable perspectives from his interviewees.

Simplicity is a key principle that Luca advocates for. He believes in the power of clear and impactful communication, emphasizing the importance of straightforward talks, presentations, and conversations to effectively convey messages. By embracing simplicity, Luca ensures that his audience can easily connect with the content and derive meaningful and impactful insights from his discussions.

Overall, Luca Allam’s extensive experience, charismatic presence, and commitment to simplicity make him a highly sought-after speaker, presenter, broadcaster, interviewer, and podcaster in any industry.