Lilly Douse

Podcast & Live Host

Lilly Douse is a young and passionate presenter who utilises her scientific and financial background to provide a unique and engaging perspective on a range of topics. Lilly moved to Dubai in 2021 to work with Supercar Blondie, presenting to a large automotive audience, refining her onscreen presence.

Most recently Lilly founded her own Crypto and NFT podcast, ‘Talk Crypto to Me’, in which she interviews some of the most successful entrepreneurs including the likes of Spencer Lodge, Moon Carl (Carl Runefelt), and Da Vinci Jeremie. Lilly hopes to educate the masses about investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, asking the questions which the general public want to be answered.

Lilly also has the ability to demand attention on stage, working at numerous events both in the United Kingdom and within the UAE, interviewing at red carpet events as well as hosting live award shows, as well as working on virtual projects via green screen production throughout the global pandemic.

Lilly’s presenting style is all about bringing energy and positivity to any project which she embarks on, whilst maintaining a professional and educated demeanour.

In terms of academic achievements, Lilly has a BSc in Chemistry from University College London (UCL).