Kool & The Gang


Created in 1964 by brothers Robert “Kool” Bell and Ronald Bell, along with Dennis “D.T.” Thomas, Robert “Spike” Mickens, George Brown, Charles Smith, and Ricky West, the band has truly stood the test of time. Kool & The Gang have explored numerous different music styles, from rock to jazz, reflecting their adaptability, versatility and immense skill as musicians. Initially called the Jazziacs, seven school friends and jazz fanatics put their passion for music into something tangible.

They first performed at a local theatre every Sunday, building their reputation in the world of jazz. After a couple of name changes, as well as an experimentation period with Motown covers, they became Kool & The Gang in 1969. The young musicians were later signed by De-Lite Records, with whom they released their first album Kool and the Gang, in 1970. The album even reached the Billboard R&B charts. The band’s popularity exploded, with two tracks from their fourth album, Wild and Peaceful, reaching the top 10.

Despite the rise of disco music threatening the band’s sizeable fanbase, they stayed true to their roots, maintaining the iconic sound listeners knew and loved. Over the course of their career, Kool & The Gang sold 7.5 million tracks in the US, and 70 million worldwide. From the sales of their 23 studio albums, 4.5 million were RIIA-certified albums and singles. Ideal for parties and festivals alike, Kool & The Gang can provide a burst of jazz to your event.