Chester Santos

Author, Memory Skills Expert & Keynote Speaker

Chester Santos, known as “The International Man of Memory,” has made a profound impact globally. Renowned as the world’s leading memory skills expert, he has showcased extraordinary feats of the mind while effectively educating others to do the same. Through various mediums such as television, movies, seminars, and books, Chester has assisted millions in enhancing their memory and cognitive abilities.

His expertise has garnered attention from major media outlets including CNN, ABC, PBS, NBC, CBS, BBC, and the Science Channel, as well as leading publications like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and TIME Magazine. Chester’s contributions have also been featured in the documentary film “David vs. Goliath.”

As a best-selling author, his books “Instant Memory Training for Success” and “Mastering Memory: Techniques to Turn Your Brain from a Sieve to a Sponge” have achieved widespread acclaim and are available in numerous libraries worldwide.

Chester’s influence extends to speaking engagements in over 30 countries, addressing diverse audiences ranging from CEOs and investment professionals to students and actors. He has delivered keynote speeches at prestigious events like TEDx, Talks at Google, and the International Festival of Brilliant Minds.

Additionally, Chester serves as a personal memory and mind coach to celebrities, politicians, athletes, and executives. He has tackled various memory challenges, believing in the potential of every individual to develop exceptional memory skills with proper guidance.

Through his workshops and presentations, Chester has effectively imparted valuable memory techniques, even teaching an 85-year-old to recite every Academy Award Best Picture winner in the last 25 years. His engagements consistently receive standing ovations, inspiring millions worldwide to unlock their memory potential. As the International Man of Memory, Chester takes great pride in this achievement.

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