Bucks Fizz

Pop Group

Bucks Fizz dominated the British music scene in the 80s with their pop-infused chart-toppers. Since the group formed in 1981, they have been entertaining audiences around the world, including corporate parties and festival headliners. Boasting over 15 million record sales internationally.

Though Bucks Fizz were created solely to enter the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981, they quickly established themselves as a credible band and not a one-hit-wonder. Formed by Nichola Martin and Andy Hill, the band made it through the multiple stages until they were chosen to represent Great Britain with their song, Making Your Mind Up, winning Eurovision 1981. It was during rehearsals that the band decided they would incorporate their costumes into the performance, with the female member’s skirts being ripped off to reveal shorter skirts underneath. The risky decision paid off, and Bucks Fizz were the standout winners.

Following their success, the band were number one in countries all over the world, including the UK Singles Charts. Their following track, Piece of the Action, entered the charts at number two and followed more pop-dance style. From there, the band rose in popularity and underwent a member change to the band that it is today, featuring Bobby G, Heidi Manton, Tammy Choat and Paul Yates. The quad continues to perform their hit tracks to this day, touring parties, wedding receptions, festivals and corporate events to bring the party to the people.