Singer, Author & Composer

As fan of 50s and 60s’s American tunes since childhood, in 2019 to Sorel created his avatar BELAIR to compose songs in the purest vein of the King Elvis , Beach Boys, and other Roy Orbison.

The result: 3 albums, millions of listeners using his music for their video content, brands like Ford and Apérol choosing his songs for their campaigns, and a signing with the label KlapYaHandz in 2023.

2024 is set to be the year of BELAIR!

“Pop music social media musical phenomenon with songs such as « My summer love,” « I never stop to see you crying,” and « One love” Julian Belair has more than 30 millions Youtube videos streams using his music.Thousand of Instagrams REELS too. Many brands like Aperol, Swiss National Transports or Ford chose him for their promotional campings.

The charming dissonance of Electro music coupled with the vintage keys creates this assemble of rules which directed the making of this first album.

Every song is less than three minutes-long, just like short movies would be, in order to create an unconventional combination, both dark and bright, cinematic and nostalgic.

Belair’s album, ‘My Summer Love,’ isn’t just a showcase of extraordinary, timeless musicality—it’s a soul- stirring testament that connects deeply with the listener. It’s a radiant, pulsating debut that acts as a time machine, evoking images of cruising in a 1967 Corvette with the wind in your hair or soaking in the ambiance of a Drive-In reminiscent of ‘Grease’ or ‘American Graffiti.’

Though not born in those eras, Belair’s enduring love for them resonates profoundly in this collection, birthing songs that defy time—they feel eternally relevant. With an undeniable passion, Belair breathes life into every note, making ‘My Summer Love’ a real masterpiece.

For a few years now his music became viral and with Signing with KlapYahandz Label , it started a new adventure from the digital to the real world on campaigns and tours to reveal the creator behind the curtain.

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