Andreu Jacob

Film Music Composer, Orchestrator & Sound Designer

Andreu Jacob, a Barcelona native based in Norway, is an internationally renowned Film Music Composer, Orchestrator, and Sound Designer. His groundbreaking compositions span diverse mediums, seamlessly merging fine art with live performance. With performances at prestigious jazz festivals worldwide and acclaimed soundtracks featured in renowned film festivals like Cannes and Rome International Movie Awards, Jacob’s innovative work captivates audiences with its cutting-edge creativity.

As a respected Jury member at esteemed film festivals and officially long listed at the 94Th Academy Awards 2022, in the category documentary feature film for a Oscar, Jacob’s influence extends beyond music into visual arts. Offering master classes and workshops, Jacob shares his expertise while enjoying sponsorships from leading music industry companies. In essence, Andreu Jacob’s career embodies an unwavering commitment to artistic excellence and innovation in the global music arena.

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