Mark Dickinson

Motivational Speaker, Author & Learning Coach

A certified trainer and coach, Mark Dickinson has been managing and training people all over the world. He has trained over 50,000 people. He went to Guam to train entertainers, Hong Kong to train wildlife people, to Cambodia to train refined hoteliers, to Bangkok to train in restaurants, pastry shops and cafes, Kuwait to run Arabic restaurants, Dubai to train international stars, real estate corporations, finance houses, back to Lebanon, back to Dubai, to KSA, to Jordan and the UK.


He has authored three books ‘Management Development Program’, ‘Grandma’s Marmalade’ and ‘Become a Thinker’.  He has his own Podcast series called ‘The Edge of Greatness’.


Mark Dickinson is the Head of Motivate Academy, a part of the Motivate Media Group, that provides exceptional learning programs for the leadership of businesses. He is the founder of Done Online Learning Solutions, a Platform-As-A-Service that builds learning academies for companies.